Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our SCITT Programme

How is the course structured? Will I be busy full time?

As a SCITT programme we operate in line with the schools academic year starting early in September and finishing mid-July. Your days involve either training or placement and you will find this is a very busy year. We mix placement and training throughout the year which means all of our trainees have the opportunity to reflect on their placement and to link the theories offered in core training days. There are some block placement weeks but largely the weeks are a mix of placement and taught input. There are more training days towards the start of the year to support induction and less towards the end of the year.

Is this primary QTS? Will I be able to get a job teaching anywhere in primary?

Yes and yes. Our programme covers the curriculum from 3-7 BUT your qualification that results is for Primary QTS. We do have current alumni teaching very successfully in year six. We specialise in Early Years and believe that an understanding of child development can inform great teaching. We cover BOTH the EYFS and the National Curriculum for KS1 in detail and focus on national priorities such as early mathematics and early language. We are very proud of our 100% employment success rate of our trainees over the past 5 years.

Do I need to find my own placement?

No, we source the placement schools and work with a wide network of Nursery and Primary Schools across Birmingham, Solihull and Warwickshire. We do take into account where our trainees live and how they commute when we arrange placement. We also consider previous experience to try and provide a bespoke experience. All trainees undertake placement in BOTH EYFS and KS1 and we ensure that the two main placements provide a contrast.

Will I only see two schools?

Absolutely not. We believe that the initial teach training year should provide a breadth of opportunities. You will get to see practice across many of the settings in the partnership and we ask our trainees to host tours for their peers.

Do I get a Post Graduate qualification as well as QTS?

Yes. Our programme fulfills the requirements for 60 PG credits and we work closely with BCU on our academic standards. Three assignments, which link reflective practice to education theory, provide the basis for this. These are submitted in November, February and May to ensure students also have sufficient time at the end of the year to complete their teaching standards folders. On successful completion you can graduate at Symphony Hall, Birmingham with your Post Graduate Certificate or you have the option to continue your studies part time over 2 years to gain a full MA.

How big will the cohort be?

We are a small training provider who offers a bespoke opportunity. Our maximum group size would be 15 and often our cohort is smaller. We provide a personal experience and are find we are able to respond to individual students needs.

Can I apply for student finance?

There are a few different types of funding available for teacher training programmes - depending on your personal circumstances, you could be eligible to apply for multiple funding options. Visit our Fees and Funding page for more information.

What do past students think of their experience?

Scroll down for testimonials from some of our alumni.

I don’t live in Birmingham, can I relocate to undertake training?

Yes of course. Whilst we can not organize accommodation for you we are happy to signpost you to possible places you might wish to consider living for the year, be that student accommodation or a shared house with students or professionals. Birmingham is a young vibrant city with a large student population. CREC is centrally situated and easily accessible from the main areas popular with students and young professionals. See some links below:

Student life in Birmingham

Citizens Advice - student housing

National Union of Students - housing advice

BCU Student Accommodation

BCU Student Union Private Housing Advice


"Being a trainee teacher is full time, it means a lot of hard work and long days but I can assure you, if you’re cut out for it, you will thoroughly enjoy the course, as I did! 

It was great to be a part of a close learning community and go on the journey together. I met some very inspiring people who I think have helped me be the teacher I am today."

Lauren Coates

2015/16 cohort


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