Fees and Funding

There are a few different types of funding available for teacher training programmes - depending on your personal circumstances, you could be eligible to apply for multiple funding options.

Loans for Course Fees

Course fees for this programme are £9,250.

Most people will be eligible for a tuition fee loan to cover these fees, which is not repayable until you are in full-time employment and earning at least £21,000 a year.

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Maintenance Loans

Full-time UK students can apply for a maintenance loan to help with their living costs. The amount that you qualify for will depend on your personal circumstances, and you may be required to provide information about your household income.

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Grants, Bursaries and Extra Help

Some UK students may qualify for additional funding to support your teacher training, such as Parents' Learning Allowances, Childcare Grants, or Child Tax Credits.

This extra funding is usually non-repayable. 

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Student Finance Calculator

Get an estimate of the amount you could receive

Please note the calculator is for trainees intending to train in 2019/20 – you can still use this to get an estimate of your entitlement for 2020/21. An updated version will be released later in the year. 


For further guidance on student finance, go to: