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What It's like to Train with CEYP - a Trainee's View

Onkar, one of our wonderful trainee teachers, shares his experience since starting his training in September 2016.

Before I started my teacher training course in September, my expectations were that it would be exciting, challenging and a journey of self-exploration. It turned out to be all of that and much, much more. What I didn’t know, however, was the degree to which I would need to apply my time and myself. 

For anybody thinking about starting their teacher training in 2017 I would advise you to be prepared for a lot of abstract thinking and a busy schedule! Getting as much experience in an early years setting as possible before applying will also make a huge difference to how well you ease into working with nursery/school children, parents and staff alike.

From what I have learnt to date, a teacher working in early years needs to be patient, flexible and creative; s/he needs to be able to manage their time and workload well, and needs to be diplomatic and respectful of differences and opinions people have.  

In working with children, being able to stimulate their interests and curiosity through experiences and motivate them, are essential.

To date I have really enjoyed the well-tailored information and guidance that has been provided on the course. The immense knowledge of the lecturers makes me feel reassured we’re learning from some of the best. Staff at CREC are always friendly and approachable, and the close bonds I have developed with many of my peers I am sure will last for years to come.

My school experience has been mirrored by the themes taught in lectures too, which has enhanced my understanding greatly! I would recommend the School Centered Initial Teacher Training run at CREC because it has immersed me in the role of a teacher very quickly and I am finding practical ways to exercise my newly acquired knowledge every day. 

Having guidance from highly respectable and renowned lecturers and tutors, I feel confident in my journey into teaching. I have found that with the school-based experience I have quickly become a part of the school community, where I am able to engage with experienced teachers and continue to review my own learning.


You could train to be a teacher with us next September! Come and find out more about our School Direct Initial Teacher Training course at one of our upcoming open evenings.

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